Ramp Resource Management training syllabus

A Ramp Resource Management (RRM) Training Syllabus has been drafted by the ECAST Ground Safety Working Group (GSWG)/National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR). The intention of the syllabus is to provide ground service providers and/or airports with the content required to deliver a RRM training.

The syllabus has been designed in modules; each module covering a different subject. The modules can be used separately. However, because all subjects are related and sometimes overlap it is recommended to use the syllabus completely. Also, RRM training aims at providing trainees with insight and changing attitudes towards safety. It is very difficult to achieve this through, for example, a one-hour course. Therefore it is recommended to provide at least a four-hours training, which is the designed duration of the RRM syllabus. Of course, content can be changed or added where local situations require this.

A training course is only as good as its instructor or facilitator. The selection of the right instructor is paramount to the success of the course. Some background in team training, (safety) culture, psychology and/or human factors is recommended. However, the most important instructor attributes are motivation to deliver the course and a belief in the benefits of the content.

RRM training is a useful tool to improve ground handling safety. However, it is only one of many tools required in a safety management system. All these tools should be used to make a positive impact on safety. The RRM Training Syllabus and associated documents can be found here. See also the Skybrary page on Ramp Resource Management.

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